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  • Aurelia is a special concentrate allowing utmost versatility in creating ones own product types.
  • Only varieties of corn developed by extensive and conscientious work of our engineers in Slavonia, where maize is grown for several centuries, are used in production of this special concentrate. The variety has been created without use of genetic modifications.
  • Aurelia is used in the production of corn bread, baguettes, breads, leavened puff dough, toast, etc.
  • Aurelia is an innovative product allowing a short production cycle (lowering it to the levels achieved in production of wheat flour breads). Bakery products made from Aurelia have a distinct flavour and colour, prolonged shelf life and freshness, higher volume and better texture when compared with corn bread produced in the traditional way.
  • Aurelia is also a source of β-carotene antioxidant and readily available energy.
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