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Izgradnja i opremanje u svrhu povećanja konkurentnosti i efikasnosti poduzeća Naše Klasje d.o.o.
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Fresh Pasta

It is already well known that we put much passion to what is ours and we shall take the liberty of putting even more passion to whats the best there is!


Innovative concept for the production of top functional buckwheat foods - for excellent buckwheat bread!

Corn concentrate for bakeries

Svježa tjestenina Aurelia - proizvodi tvrtke Naše klasje
Fagovita - inovativni koncept za proizvodnju vrhunske funkcionalne hrane od heljde
Kukuruzni koncentrat za pekarsku industriju tvrtke Naše klasje

Fresh pasta Aurelia

Svježa tjestenina Aurelia
A wholesome diet is one that is completely free of preservatives and additives but rich in grains, fruits, vegetables and other foodstuff rich in protein, minerals, fibres and complex carbohydrates yet low in fat
Svježa tjestenina Aurekia - ravioli, tortelloni, rezanci, špageti, lazanje

Mixes and concentrates for bakeries

High-quality breads, pastry and pasta do require same high quality concentrates. Get to know our products a bit closer. We are proud to present our products which were already tested and accepted on most demanding markets.
Aurelia and Fagovita

Sirovine za pekarstvo Naše klasje

Naše Klasje

Proizvodnja svježe tjestenine Aurelia - proizvodni pogon Naše klasjeThe company was established in 2001. Our journey began as a greenfield investment project aiming to get us to development, marketing and introduction of innovative products to the market.


Mediteranska prehrana

The Mediterranean diet

What is nowadays popularly called a "Mediterranean diet", is a healthy and tasty way of eating that has been around ever since the civilization as we know it today was born.
Zašto svježa tjestenina Aurelia

Reasons for Fresh Pasta

If you enjoy food at all, you are aware of the importance of a freshly prepared meal. You do not need to be a gourmand to know that a meal prepared with fresh ingredients provides infinitely more pleasure than a meal prepared with ingredients that had sat on shelves for who knows how long.