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Reasons for Fresh Pasta

If you enjoy food at all, you are aware of the importance of a freshly prepared meal. You do not need to be a gourmand to know that a meal prepared with fresh ingredients provides infinitely more pleasure than a meal prepared with ingredients that had sat on shelves for who knows how long.

Zašto svježa tjestenina Aurelia

Taste, texture and aroma of the Aurelia fresh pasta will show you that the difference between fresh and dry pasta is as great as the one between a lunch carefully prepared by top chefs in finest restaurants and a tasteless supermarket sandwich. Once you have discovered the appeal of fresh pasta, no dried pasta will ever be good enough. The secret of the superior flavour of the Aurelia tortellini and ravioli is in their ingredients, which are a superb food themselves. Wheat grits, eggs, cheese, prosciutto, chard, truffles and turkey meat are all top quality foodstuffs of exceptional nutritional value. Aurelia tortellini and ravioli do not have additives and preservatives, which guarantees that the food you eat is healthy and completely natural.

Fresh pasta is prepared very quickly, so a tasty, complete and nutritive meal can be on your table within minutes. You can find the Aurelia tortellini, ravioli, spaghetti and fresh noodles in the refrigerators of all major stores. After you have tried it, we believe that you will be impatient to taste the other fresh pasta products we intend to make!