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The Mediterranean diet

What is nowadays popularly called a "Mediterranean diet", is a healthy and tasty way of eating that has been around ever since the civilization as we know it today was born. The cultivation of wheat, the most wholesome of all human food crop, originated in the Fertile Crescent, just in the neighbourhood, and was brought by Greeks to Apennines peninsula, where pasta was eventually born. Some historians suggest however that it may be that Marco Polo brought pasta to Venice on return from one of his famous trips to ancient China. Whatever its origins may be, pasta is undoubtedly a major basic food around today.

Mediteranska prehrana


The benefits brought by the Mediterranean diet originate in the fact that it is a completely green diet. Every ingredient is grown under the sun, be it fresh fruit, vegetable or pasta rich in fibre and starch, bread, cereals, untreated virgin oils produced from olives or grains. All those delicacies are complemented by dairy products, fish and meat, preferably white. Such a diet contributes to our health due to the combination of basic elements rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and unsaturated fatty acids helping reduce the build up of unwanted substances that we bring into our bodies when taking food low in fibre and rich in calories. It is also healthy because it reduces the risk of the harmful integration of excessive fats and helps in their elimination by biochemical processes. On the other hand, the daily intake of complex carbohydrates and fibres contained in, for example, pasta, represents a valuable source of energy, and stabilizes and controls the level of glycemic substances in blood.

The Way We Live 
The Mediterranean way of life is associated with daily exercise and an active lifestyle which will not turn our way of living upside-down. It would be very wise to find a spot reserved for the care of our body in our daily routine. That way we shall not improve only our physical condition, but our minds will benefit greatly just as well. All we need to do is to find a way to contribute to our health in a way that will not conflict with our usual daily routine (swimming, walking, running, aerobics, ...). Based on common sense and healthy habits, the wholesome Mediterranean diet invites us to enjoy a natural, healthy and entertaining way of life.