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Tortelloni Aurelia Prosciutto



"The fate of a nation depends on the way that they eat", noted Jean-Anthelme Brilliant Savarin, the famous French epicure and gastronome. Judging by the Dalmatian prosciutto - a speciality of national cuisine which has become one of the most beloved and exported original products of Croatia, we have nothing to fear. It is already well known that we put much passion to what is ours and we shall take the liberty of putting even more passion to whats the best there is!

Available packaging: 250g | 750g
Tortelloni Aurelia Four cheese


Four cheese

Did you know that they say that cheese is one of the strongest food aphrodisiacs? Its not so surprising if you remember the fact that it does contain quite a few uplifting ingredients more than chocolate does! Should you bring some vine to the company - and you can never fail in doing so - the final result will be an irresistible mixture that will bring to a boil the passions in everyone who tastes it.

Available packaging: 250g | 450g | 750g



Aurelia Tortelloni with asparagus is one of the more interesting in its category. And they are great for any sauce - red, white or just a few drops of premium olive oil. Pure pleasure in every bite!

Packages available: 250g | 750g


Ricotta and Spinach