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Tortelloni Prosciutto

Prosciutto tortelloni Aurelia

Tortelloni Prosciutto

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Fresh durum wheat pasta stuffed with prosciutto.
Aurelia tortelloni prosciutto are a product made from carefully selected quality ingredients.
Nicely shaped, with a specific taste and a great smooth look.
Practical and quick preparation.

Allergens: gluten, eggs, milk

Values ​​in 100 g of product

Energy1223 kJ / 290 kcal
Fat7,7 g
of which saturated fatty acids3,0
Carbohydrates42,9 g
of which: sugars2,9 g
Proteins12,1 g
Salt1,1 g
Retail packaging:
HORECA packaging:
Transport packaging:
8 pieces in a box (2 kg), 4 pieces in a box (4 kg)
Expiration date:
65 days from the date of manufacture
at a temperature between 2 ºC and 8ºC in a dry place

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