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Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta

A wholesome diet is one that is completely free of preservatives and additives but rich in grains, fruits, vegetables and other foodstuff rich in protein, minerals, fibres and complex carbohydrates.

Fresh Pasta - the perfect choice. Why? Wheat products are rich in group B vitamins, complex carbohydrates and fibre, yet they have a low fat content and no cholesterol. Furthermore, meat, cheese or vegetables stuffed pasta is a source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. With filled fresh pasta at hand, a complete meal is almost there: our bodies are provided with a large portion of daily needed complex carbohydrates, necessary for the normal functioning of our organism, a lot of group B vitamins, a part of protein and minerals, but very little fat and very few calories. 

The fresh filled pasta is a product which will enable everyone to make a tasty, complete and nutritious meal in a matter of a couple of minutes.